Friday, February 16, 2007

Mea Culpa

OK - this has been one of those "one post and gone" blogs up to this point, that's for certain!

Not sure if this will change or not, but we ARE coming up on the Gathering of Friends, so I may have some things to say after that.

Also, for those that aren't aware, I've started blogging with Eric from Gathering of Engineers - we're over here.

For the most part, this is two player games we're making time to play in the evening (Eric has two young children, which makes schedule more complex) - so far, I've blogged about games of Combat Commander: Europe, as well as a 2-player game of 1889 (18xx in Japan), and will be talking about my first game of Twilight Struggle in the next day or two.

Anyway, I'm still around, and I actually *am* writing again - just not here so much!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Greetings and Salutations

I know the title sounds cheesy, but I wanted to try and get this set up prior to the final countdown at Gathering of Engineers, the group-blog I previously posted to that will cease being updated this week (but should continue to be around, for posterity's sake).

My thoughts on this are that I'll be posting once or twice a week (possibly more often occasionally), primarily discussing games, especially euro/designer/what-ever-you-want-to-call-them games - the sort of games most commonly discussed over on BoardGameGeek and other quality blogs of that sort.

I hope to have a mix of reviews, commentary and open discussion - we'll see how it goes!

Happy gaming!